• Welcome to the NCLP - Laser Tattoo Removal and Hair Removal - Leeds, West Yorkshire

Welcome To The NCLP - Laser tattoo removal and hair removal - Leeds, West Yorkshire

When nurse Jooli Kirven decided to set up THE NORTHERN COSMETIC LASER PRACTICE (nclp) to perform laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal, it took only a moment to decide on the location. Morley, Leeds stood out on the map as offering easy access from the Ml, M62 & M621 as well as all the neighbouring towns and cities such as Bradford, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax, Pontefract and Wakefield.

The NCLP, which is located within a GP practice, South Queen Street Medical Centre, South Queen Street in Morley, Leeds, Yorkshire, is the longest privately owned clinic in West Yorkshire, established in 2001 and specialises in laser tattoo removal, or fading for a cover over, ipl, laser hair removal, red vein (also known as thread vein and spider vein) and liver spots removal and is the longest continuous ownership practice in the area. We are not a franchise, the nurse you will meet, Jooli, owns the practice. Personal attention and individualised care in a dignified and professional setting are distinguishing features. Quality and personal care is of paramount importance. The Practice utilises the latest specialist frequency doubled, Q-Switched Nd Yag laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) 650nm and 585nm equipment, operated by fully trained nurse specialists. The equipment suppliers, Lynton Lasers, based in Cheshire were chosen because of the quality of product. Being a British manufacturer allowed us to have confidence in their ability to provide us with a comprehensive service contract, with a very short call out time when the need arose. This benefits our clients by reducing downtime, allowing us to provide more appointments for their convenience.
We offer a free initial consultation, for laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser liver spot removal, dermal fillers and laser red vein (thread vein) removal to establish the correct course of treatment for each client after which, appointments can be made to get the treatment underway. We recognise that people have commitments at all times of the day. which is why we are providing appointments weekdays, evenings and weekends, making it as convenient as possible for our clients. If you would like to make an appointment please contact us by phone where one of our receptionists will be delighted assist you.

Important: When choosing a clinic, take advantage of the free consultations and visit the premises, meet the staff, see the equipment and ask to see their Care Quality Commission Inspection Report which should be readily available, then you will be armed with all the information to make your choice.

Care Quality Commission Certificate No.B080000535

You may well have seen the 'offers' that are being advertised for the likes of Wowcher or Groupon. Before you decide to 'give it a go' stop to think about how a company are able to offer prices such as they do on those offer sites. Its simple, the majority of them are not regulated. No one is watching out for you, the client. No one checks their premises, equipment, hygiene, qualifications, nothing. No one asks them how they deal with contra indications, most wont know what it means. What I'm trying to say is, do you really want to risk the potential permanent damage that could be caused to you for the sake of a few pounds? Still not convinced? Then take a look at the images on our warning page. Real people, real damage, totally avoidable. We are proud of our 100% client satisfaction record. Just because its cosmetic, doesnt make it any less complicated. Would you go to your butcher for your appendix out just because they have sharp knives??? Of course not, so why take the risk of dealing with non professionals?

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to our clients who have allowed us to show their hair removal, laser tattoo removal, red vein (thread vein) removal and liver spot removal treatment images on our site, providing confidence to prospective clients who may be considering treatment.

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