A Clients View

Although we have many wonderful testimonials from our clients at the nclp, every now and then one comes along that deserves an extra mention. This particular client wasn't looking for a full tattoo removal, but to lighten the existing tattoo to allow what is known as a cover over. This kind of tattoo removal treatment tends to be favoured by clients who enjoy having tattoos but are disattisfied with the odd one.

We have chosen this particular client to show the transformation that is acheivable when a professional tattoo removal clinic are complimented by a high quality tattoo artist.

The following words are written by our client and are gratefully received.

Dear Jooli,

I wanted to follow up with you, a few months after my last removal session. I'd like to start by complementing your professionalism, quality of advice, and the whole treatment procedure, as you really are a true professional with this delicate art of tattoo removal, and a lovely person to sit and have a natter with! Having seen horror stories of people being left scarred after laser removal, I did my research and found your practice, and now that I've been through the whole process myself, I felt compelled to write a letter of recommendation and thanks!

As you will recall, I came to you looking not for a full removal, but for a lightening down of a 20 year old tattoo, so that I could cover it up with something more "me". From the first call, to the first session, the follow up calls/texts, and ultimately the quality of the job - its all been immense.

Thanks again Jooli, I am now delighted with the cover up tattoo that is finished. 3 removal sessions, followed by 8 hours of ink, and I'm delighted with the results. I went to Mesi Art (Matty Evans) at Slawitink near Huddersfield (www.slawitink.co.uk)- and the results are superb. Hope you like the new tatt, feel free to use my letter and pictures in any way needed.

I can totally recommend the services of both Jooli, and Mesi Art (Matty Evans). Both at the top of their games!

Thanks again,
Best Regards,
John Kemp

Three removal sessions were enough for the tattoo artist to be able to perform a successful cover over

This is the finished result of the cover over