Choosing your clinic


We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a fully registered clinic to carry out your treatment. Whether that be tattoo laser removal or hair removal by IPL, dermal fillers or indeed any cosmetic treatment. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has deregulated our industry meaning that anyone and we mean anyone, can go out and buy themselves some non maintained piece of equipment that should have been decommissioned years ago and set themselves up as a laser clinic. The potential damage that they could cause to their clients does not bear thinking about.

The Care Quality Commission have decided that the only clinics able to gain registration are those that are run by/employ medical professionals such as ourselves. What that means is that for you the client, you will be treated by people who understand your body and have trained for many years to gain their qualifications. It also means that every aspect of the business itself is monitored and graded by the Commission. As an example, The NCLP undergoes frequent assessment to decide if an inspection of the premises is required. These can be unnanounced, allowing the CQC to see the real picture of how the clinic is performing. We meet all expectations at the highest level meaning that actual visits are not deemed necessary. Registration guarantees that the equipment used is of a high standard and subject to contracted regular maintenance. This will ensure that the lasers are callibrated correctly and safe to use. The premises will be clean and fit for use

It is vital that you understand the reasons for selecting a professional organisation such as the NCLP. We see and hear many horror stories and the only way that they will stop is for the clients such as yourselves to understand the risks associated with using amateurs and steer clear. They may be cheaper but believe me the pain and suffering they can cause is not worth the money saved.

You have the right to ask questions and SHOULD ALWAYS BE OFFERED A FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. The first thing to ask even before visiting them is "Are you registerd with The Care Quality Commission? if the answer is yes, don't just accept it, ask for their membership number. This will allow you to visit the CQC website and go straight to the official assessment of that business. If they can't or won't give you it, chances are they are not registered. Cross them off your list!

I hope you heed this warning, this is not scare mongering, but a real concern for the safety of people like you. In the wrong hands, lasers are highly dangerous