Eyebrow and lip liner tattoos


Regular tattoos are one thing when you aren't happy with the result, but in many cases they can be 'hidden' from view. Imagine now having that unwelcome tattoo on your face. Bad eyebrow or lip liner tattoos can destroy a persons self esteem, to the point where that person is too embarrassed to leave their home for the fear of being seen. Here at the northern cosmetic laser practice, we have been successfully removing this kind of tattoo for many years. You will see by the example images, the level of success that removing this kind of tattoo can achieve. The testimonial below relates directly to the eyebrow images you see here.

We thought we would leave the testimonial to do the rest of the talking for us here.

Jooli really did change my life! After having a botched up eyebrow tattoo procedure, I was left with unsightly, uneven, unnatural, very thick eyebrows. I was absolutely devastated and visited many laser specialists who said they would not touch them. I had almost given up hope when I went to see Jooli. She was warm, inviting and made me feel at ease immediately (believe me, the state that I was in, that was not an easy task) She said she would give it her best shot at removing them and gave me realistic time-lines. Jooli provided me with support throughout (which included, out of hours, emails when I was stressed). Her knowledge and skill was outstanding and I really would highly recommend her services. 
To anybody who is interested, the laser treatments were successful and I am now without the unsightly tattoo.

You will also see in this section the success achieved when removing lip liner tattoos.