We are moving, but only around the corner!

We have some really exciting news :)
The NCLP will be moving to our lovely new clinic (pictures to follow) just around the corner from where we are at the moment from the 26th April.
The new address is South Queen Street Medical Centre, Morley, Leeds LS27 9EW. Telephone number remains the same, 0113 2381594. Facilities include free parking and free WiFi. Our treatment room is now located on the ground floor with full disabled facilities. Don't worry, Chupa Chups and Drumstick lollies are still free! We thank you for your custom so far and look forward to seeing you all at the new place. If you have any questions, please message me on facebook or call the clinic

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Groupon and Wowcher deals, is it a risk you really want to take?

Once again, the Groupon and Wowcher deals seem to be raising their heads. The main reason for someone to offer ultra cheap deals is usually because they are struggling for business. There is no way a clinic can sustain heavily discounted rates and still manage to provide a CQC regulated service utilising well, regularly maintained equipment. Take a look at our WARNING page to see the damage that has been caused to some people who went for the cheap option. Dont be the next one to feature here.

Six reasons why you should choose a professional

A tattooist in Morley has started offering tattoo removal.

He says skin will blister.
That is not always true, there will sometimes be blisters, but only on certain colour tones or if the removal has been done badly.

He says the blisters will then burst.
This is not true, the last thing you want to happen is for them to burst.

He says they recommend Savlon.
It is NOT advisable to use Savlon or any other antiseptic cream on a laser tattoo wound as it creates the wrong environment for it to heal properly.

He says the laser creates an open wound.
Wrong! The only time it will create an open wound is if it is used incorrectly.

He says you should leave 2 weeks between sessions.
Wrong, and dangerous practice! Firstly if he is leaving open wounds, two weeks will not give the skin time to heal. The skin MUST be in tact and in very good condition. Secondly, the body is the reason why the tattoo disappears. The laser just aids the process. By having treatments every two weeks, you are not allowing your body to dispose of the ink particles. We have photographic references here at the nclp of tattoos still fading two years after our laser treatment.

They say their charges are the cheapest in Leeds.
Probably true.

And now you know why

As a final general comment. A good tattooist, like any artist, requires a good canvas for their art. By treating the area badly they run a high risk of creating scars. Imagine an artist using woodchip wallpaper as their canvas!

Radio 1's Newsbeat turn to NCLP for help in exposing the problems with unregistered practices

At last, it seems the message is getting through regarding deregulation and the amount of incompetent clinics springing up all over the place. Newsbeats Rick Kelsey is preparing an investigation into the damage that is being caused to not only the victims of bad practice, but also the NHS budgets as they spend £2m in treating burn victims due to bad practice. We will keep you up to date on the progress

Jooli Kirven, Practice Director and BBC's Newsbeat reporter, Rick Kelsey

Dermal Fillers come to the Northern Cosmetic Laser Practice

We have added another treatment to our menu at the NCLP, dermal fillers. The treatments are available alongside our existing offers. Treatments take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. If you want to take advantage of our free consultation, please call the practice on 0113 238 1594 and speak to one of our receptionists.

First treatment video ready for viewing

The first of our videos is up and running showing a tattoo being removed by laser. We will be uploading more during the coming months showing many of our treatments taking place. As well as here they can be found on our You Tube channel by clicking here

Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies

The programme makers contacted the NCLP with a request for us to be featured in the programme treating a patient for Liver spot removal. After careful consideration, we decided to decline their request as it would have meant approaching one of our clients to be featured alongside us. We didn't believe that this kind of exposure would benefit our clients. The NCLP are no strangers to television having been previously featured on the BBC local news programme Look North. You can read the story further down this News section.

Coming Soon!

See how the treatments are carried out with our broadcast quality videos. Filming is in progress now and we are looking forward to uploading the results. They will also be featured on You Tube.


Care Quality Commission replaces the Healthcare Commission

The new name for the regulatory body of our industry. As from the 1st April 2009,The Healthcare Commission have been replaced by The Care Quality Commission. The safest way to select where to have your treatment is still to check out their reports. All legal clinics were sent a copy of their report and will have it available for you to check. The easiest way is to check online.All the references to the Care Quality Commission are linked direct to our report.

Healthcare Commission Inspection 2009

We have just completed our Healthcare Commission Inspection for 2009 and are eagerly awaiting the results. As soon as they are available we will be publishing them here for you to see. The early feedback is looking overwhelmingly positive (their words not ours!) Make sure you check these inspection reports wherever you decide to have your treatment. Anyone who is reluctant to show you their report should be given a wide berth as they probably have something to hide. Anyone who says they are not registered yet, or do not need to be, should also be avoided, as from April '08, they have been trading illegally!

Healthcare Commission

It has been brought to our attention that the Healthcare Commission, have removed previous inspection reports from their site. This is the only way that you, the potential client, can find out who is registered and who you can trust. We are in contact with them to try to rectify this problem, as we feel it is vital to keep you informed with quality information. We have a printed version of the report at the practice for you to study. In the meantime, wherever you go, make sure you ask lots of questions, ask to meet the person who will carry out your treatment. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to assist you any way we can.

We've changed!...

...but only the way we look. After changing the way our clients look for the last seven years, we felt it was time to freshen up the way we look too. We have undergone a rebrand and as part of that have produced a new company brochure for anyone not able to access the internet. Our website and brochure provide identical information.

No Inspection Required.....Again!

The nclp has yet again been informed that no formal inspection will be required for the year April 2008 to April 2009. This once again confirms the Healthcare Commissions confidence in the nclp. According to some of our client testimonials, the nclp are number 1 when it comes to professionalism, ability and client care. We are very grateful for their comments.

No Inspection Required!

The nclp has been informed that no formal inspection will be required for the year April 2007 to April 2008. This is due to the fact that the practice was classed as 100% compliant (as you can read below). As you would imagine, we were delighted to receive this information as it is testimony to the quality of care provided by us and is yet further reason for our clients and future clients to have the confidence that they are dealing with a highly professional company.

100% Compliant!

The NCLP have achieved a 100% compliance inspection report from The Healthcare Commission. We are very proud to have reached this standard and a copy of the report can be downloaded by clicking on the logo below or via this link from the commissions website. A hard copy is available on request if you would prefer.

Certificate No.B080000535

BBC Look North feature the practice!

Penny Bustin, Health Correspondant for the BBC felt it appropriate to feature the story of a patient of the NCLP in her success in resolving her facial hair problem. Angela had to take medication which altered her hormones which in turn caused facial hair. She lost her self confidence for several years, which had a knock on effect with everyday life. She was recommended to contact the NCLP by a trusted family member who is an existing patient. The treatment she received has not only resolved her facial hair problem, but also provided her with a renewed confidence in herself. Further proof that The NCLP is fast becoming the leading source of expertise for the local news

Radio Leeds Come Calling!

When Radio Leeds required an expert to take part in a live interview, Jooli, our laser nurse specialist and Practice Partner, was interviewed on their lunchtime programme, the topic focusing on problematic facial hair. The practice has had much success in treating this particular problem, with what has been described by many as life changing results. This response is typical of those received and is repeated for many of the treatments the NCLP performs including tattoo removal.

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