Tattoo Cover Overs

Some of the tattoos we see here at The NCLP can only be described as incredible pieces of art and in some cases a full removal is not what is wanted. It may be that a small area might not be exactly what is required. In cases like this, we are able to remove precise areas to allow the client to redo a specific area without having to start again.

In some cases, a tattoo may be poor, to the point where the client requires a complete cover over. This is not a problem in most cases and your free no obligation consultation will tell you if it's achievable.

In many cases, we are only required to fade the area to allow the tattooist to cover over the existing tattoo. This of course will mean less treatments than if a full removal was required. We are more than happy to work alongside your tattooist as part of your team, to achieve the result you desire.

The following images show how the treatment looked as it progressed with the final picture showing the finished cover over. Our client was overjoyed at the result and we are delighted for him.

This is yet another reason why you should only deal with clinics registered with the Care Quality Comission, such as the NCLP. The years of experience and medical qualifications ensured that the skin was not damaged in any way whatsoever, allowing the tattoo artist to have a perfect surface to work with.

Another fantastic fade of an unwanted tattoo. Following advise that the green ink will be laser resistant, the intention was to fade the original to enable a good piece of art to cover the remnants. This young man had a fabulous cover over after only two laser treatment sessions.

Original tattoo prior to treatment

3rd treament

5th treatment

Final result showing the new tattoo

And another angle

Another example of a succesful cover over

The following 3 pics show a cover over where the client had made four attempts to get his tattoo right. When the final one still wasnt as he wanted it, he came to the NCLP to have a very precise area reduced in colour and density to allow the tattoo artist to create what you see here, a stunning piece of art. This client had the sense to use a registered clinic, the NCLP ensuring that the best possible result would be produced.