Here at the nclp we are fortunate in having clients who are happy to provide feedback relating to their experience and treatment. The following testimonials have been transcribed word for word from the comments we have received. As you will see, some people prefer to remain anonymous, but the original feedback forms are available for inspection here at the practice.

I've just had my fifth session for two large tattoos and I cannot recommend Northern Cosmetic Laser Practice highly enough. It was only really after the first session I realised how fortunate I was that I chose this practice. This is serious stuff, tattoo removal, and having a proper professional carry it out makes all the difference. The results are truly amazing and the skill built up through years of experience is so apparent and certainly put my my mind and rest from the get go. Please please don't go to some cheap and nasty alternative because from someone who knows this is a big deal and you want the best.

Martin Miller

I visited the THE NORTHERN COSMETIC LASER PRACTICE to have treatment for my thread veins on my chest and face. I have previously had treatment at a costly London clinic 4 years ago and found the experience very clinical and unpleasant.From the moment I walked into the clinic Jooli made me feel relaxed and cared for and explained everything clearly. The treatment itself was quick and much less pain full than my previous experience.Throughout, Jooli was attentive and made me as comfortable as possible.The treatment left the minimal amount of marks which I was delighted about as the last treatment I had left me severely bruised for weeks!Jooli called me on the Sunday night to make sure I was OK and I was following her aftercare advice.A couple of days on now and I'm still amazed at what little marking there is, the veins have gone and I just need to tell people about the great service theTHE NORTHERN COSMETIC LASER PRACTICE deliver as its rare that you find a company that leaves you feeling this way. I highly recommend using Jooli and her team. I can honestly say it was a pleasurable experience!

Lorien Dorking, 32

This is the best alternative to any of the conventional methods of
hair removal.I have never come away from an appointment unhappy or
dissatisfied.Well done Jooli. You have a great place here and you do
something that enhances and changes peoples lives
xx Thank you.


The service has been excellent, I came here with a 'blue' scar on my
nose from having it pierced and never expected the treatment to be so
successful. I expected to feel that it was my own stupid fault for
having it done in the first place but this wasn't the case. Jooli was
fantastic. She really put me at ease and explained everything
thoroughly. A huge thank you. I really appreciate everything. I feel
so much more confident.
S Dixon

I was immediately put at ease and was impressed by the professionalism
and the explanation and treatment I received. I would not hesitate to
forward on my recommendation to other people. My initial contact was
for my part one of a beauty cosmetic treatment, but was very pleased
that this was carried out as more of a medical procedure with the
utmost of reassurance and the feedback throughout the whole procedure.
Extremely professional.
J.A Walsh

I would like to share with you my experience of the NCLP. The first time
I visited the NCLP, I was a little apprehensive, Jooli put me at ease at once,
she explained everything to me. I have been back numerous times and Jooli
always goes the extra mile, nothing is too much trouble, she treats me like a
friend rather than a client. She is highly professional and if she thinks that
something is not suitable, she will tell you, even at the risk of losing business,
she always puts the client first. Thanks Jooli
Louise Binns

I am very happy with the treatment I received. The staff are very
friendly and explained every detail of my treatment and answered all
my questions.
T Senior

Thanks to Jooli and her laser. 30 years of misery are coming to an
end. To be free of facial hair for good is something I never
envisaged. Forever grateful.
C Wood

I was delighted with the treatment I received at your clinic. Very
friendly and reassuring. Good results as well. Thank you
Martyn Dye

Very good location. Initial consultation made me feel comfortable and
well informed about the procedure. Jooli was very friendly and
professional. At this stage have had three treatments and already
noticed good results. not as painful as I thought it would be but
always ready for a beer after! Have recommended to my friends.
Joanne K

The friendly face and shoulder to cry on, very understanding and after
30 years of a silly tattoo on my arm, its going to be gone soon. I
feel more confident already and I call at the last minute and she fits
me in. Bless you Jooli.
L Flaws

Very satisfied with results would recommend to anyone wishing to have
tattoos removed,
Brian Green

Flexibility of appointment system to meet needs is great when working,
never once made to feel like a 'Freak' which I had experienced at
Lasercare. Treatment is not uncomfortable like electrolysis. Staff are
very professional in their support. Clinic is easy to find and parking
is not a problem.

Jooli is a very friendly member of staff who puts you at ease. I will
be disappointed when my treatment is over. The only thing to improve
the service you offer would be pain free tattoo removal.

Thank you Thank you Thank you, I didn't think it was possible to have
my tats off but we are getting there so quickly

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