Once again, this is what happens when you trust an amateur with your tattoo removal

The top of the image is the result of tattoo removal by ourselves, whilst the lower area is the result of a tattooists attempt at a removal. The scarring is permanent...
tattoo removal

Scarred for life. This is what happens when the lasers get into the hands of amateurs

This person came to us after having had tattoo laser removal treatments at an unregulated beauticians. The areas that you see red and raised is not red ink, but actual scarring. This used to be a black tattoo but is now permanently scarred. Do you need any more reasons not to deal with unqualified, untrained, unregulated companies?

Image courtesy of Selena Anderson

Scarred for life.

Below, Charlotte Cripps, victim of an unregulated 'Beauty Salon'

Six reasons why you should choose a professional

A tattooist in Morley has started offering tattoo removal.

He says skin will blister.
That is not always true, there will sometimes be blisters, but only on certain colour tones or if the removal has been done badly.

He says the blisters will then burst.
This is not true, the last thing you want to happen is for them to burst.

He says they recommend Savlon.
It is NOT advisable to use Savlon or any other antiseptic cream on a laser tattoo wound as it creates the wrong environment for it to heal properly.

He says the laser creates an open wound.
Wrong! The only time it will create an open wound is if it is used incorrectly.

He says you should leave 2 weeks between sessions.
Wrong, and dangerous practice! Firstly if he is leaving open wounds, two weeks will not give the skin time to heal. The skin MUST be in tact and in very good condition. Secondly, the body is the reason why the tattoo disappears. The laser just aids the process. By having treatments every two weeks, you are not allowing your body to dispose of the ink particles. We have photographic references here at the nclp of tattoos still fading two years after our laser treatment.

They say their charges are the cheapest in Leeds.
Probably true.

And now you know why

As a final general comment. A good tattooist, like any artist, requires a good canvas for their art. By treating the area badly they run a high risk of creating scars. Imagine an artist using woodchip wallpaper as their canvas!

The GOVERNMENT in their misguided wisdom, have allowed our industry to be deregulated, meaning that anyone and we mean anyone, can go out and buy themselves some non maintained piece of equipment that should have been decommissioned years ago and set themselves up as a laser clinic. The potential damage that they could cause to their clients does not bear thinking about.

Cynics say that deregulation is financially inspired as deregulation allows more VAT to be raised. If that is the case then that is the most short sighted reason they could have thought of. Do they really think back street practices are going to declare their earnings. Of course not , that is why they can charge so little.

It costs the Government to enforce legislation and it has been worked out that despite the cost resulting from rising numbers of patients with burns from poor use of lasers needing treatment, the NHS would still save money through deregulation. The Department of Health insists that non-surgical cosmetic lasers carry low levels of risk. So how do they explain the number of clients who need to visit A&E after a treatment with an untrained operator is rising at an alarming rate! It is reported that treatment for burns through bad practice is costing the NHS £2m per annum.

Unfortunately whilst people continue to patronise these establishments, they will continue to at the best be totally innefective or at the worst highly dangerous. Outfits that are resorting to the likes of Groupon and charging as little as £30 for treatments can in no way be professionals. The NCLP pay approx £18k per year for a maintenance contract alone to ensure the lasers are running at their optimum and perfectly calibrated. These unregistered operators are buying cheap lasers for as little as £3k from China and have no maintenance protocol at all. We as a company paid a fraction short of £100k for our equipment! The result of our investment becomes clear when you read our testimonials. We are proud to say that in the eleven years we have been established we have had zero complaints and zero issues.

The Care Quality Commission have decided that the only clinics able to gain registration are those that are run by or who employ medical professionals such as ourselves. What that means is that for you the client, you will be treated by people who understand your body and have trained for many years to gain their qualifications. It also means that every aspect of the business itself is monitored and graded by the Commission. As an example, The NCLP undergoes frequent assessment to decide if an inspection of the premises is required. These can be unnanounced, allowing the CQC to see the real picture of how the clinic is performing. We meet all expectations at the highest level meaning that actual visits are not deemed necessary. Registration guarantees that the equipment used is of a high standard and subject to contracted regular maintenance. This will ensure that the lasers are callibrated correctly and safe to use. The premises will be clean and fit for use.

It is vital that you understand the reasons for selecting a professional organisation such as the NCLP. We see and hear many horror stories and the only way that they will stop is for the clients such as yourselves to understand the risks associated with using amateurs and steer clear. They may be cheaper but believe me the pain and suffering they can cause is not worth the money saved. You have the right to ask questions and SHOULD ALWAYS BE OFFERED A FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. The first thing to ask even before visiting them is "Are you registerd with The Care Quality Commission? if the answer is yes, don't just accept it, ask for their membership number. This will allow you to visit the CQC website and go straight to the official assessment of that business. If they can't or won't give you it, chances are they are not registered. Cross them off your list!

I have heard murmurs of regulation being brought back due to the damage being caused, but until then, these charlitans will be allowed to keep damaging people. Dont allow yourself to be their next victim. Find a regulated professional practice and be secure in the knowledge that you are being looked after by healthcare professionals such as ourselves. I will leave you with one last thought. Ask yourself this question. Would you go to your local butchers to have your appendix out just because they have a set of sharp knives. Of course not.

If you have any questions about this topic or anything to do with our industry, get in touch and we will do our best to help you.