Your data and GDPR

Here at the Northern Cosmetic Laser Practice (NCLP), we take your privacy seriously. 

With the onset of GDPR, we have a need to inform you that we have a Legitimate Business Interest in retaining a clients information.

In order to continue to provide our clients with treatment applicable to their personal circumstance and because treatments can span over a long period of time, we need to retain personal records containing certain information, This information will be used solely for the purpose of providing us with accurate facts so in turn we can provide you with the very best, ongoing, informed care. 

We will never give or sell this information to anyone else for any purpose whatsoever and we will never use it for anything other than your own care plan.

If you have a problem with providing us with the information we require or agreeing to this policy, please bring this to our attention at your appointment or initial consultation.

Jooli Kirven RGN

Practice Director